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Trademark Policy & Guidelines

Please read and strictly adhere to these K7 Computing's Trademark Usage Guidelines ("Trademark Usage Guidelines") with respect to the Trademarks, Copyrights (whether registered or not) owned by K7 Computing Private Limited having its registered office at

K7 Computing Private Limited
Tower-B, TEK Meadows- 4th Floor,
No.51, Rajiv Gandhi Salai,
Chennai - 600119,
Tamil Nadu, India.

("K7”/ "Our”/ "We") or any of its subsidiaries/affilitaes before dealing with either directly or indirectly with K7 or with any of the products manufactured, developed or distributed by K7.

K7 trademarks, logo and brands are valuable corporate assets and are an important part of its intellectual property portfolio.

  1. Definitions:
    1. "K7's Trademarks" shall mean all the trade name, coined words, logos, symbols, slogans, jingles, brochures, pamphlets, K7's products box packages, videos, used by K7's in any type of advertising, marketing, documentation, software whether in print or online or any other type of mediums and whether registered as trademarks or not and whether copyrighted or not.
    2. "K7 Computing Code Names"shall have the meaning as ascribed in Clause 6 of this Trademark Usage Guidelines.
    3. "Name List" shall mean the comprehensive list of the K7 Trademarks provided by K7 at K7 Computing Trademarks and Approved Nouns.
    4. "You"/"Your"/ "User" shall mean the users of K7's Trademarks.
  2. Applicability:
    1. This Trademark Usage Guidelines applies to K7 employees, customers, licensees, consultants, outside vendors, and other third parties.
    2. If You are a licensee of a K7 Trademark under a marketing program agreement or other business alliance agreement, such license agreement may have special permissions or usage guidelines in addition to or that supersede the guidelines set forth herein.
    3. If You are a supplier of products or services to K7, You may only display or use the K7 Trademarks in accordance with You such agreement with K7. You may not use a K7 Trademark in a manner that implies endorsement or approval of Your products or services by K7 without specific written permission from K7.
    4. Any and all other displays of a K7 Trademarks must follow the guidelines listed below.
  3. Fair use of K7's Trademarks:
    1. You are permitted to refer to K7's products and services by its trademarks or service names, as long as such references:
      1. are truthful, fair, and not misleading;
      2. do not misrepresent, mislead, suggest, or otherwise confuse users into believing that K7 is the source of goods or services not actually made or provided by K7 or its subsidiaries; and
      3. comply with the Trademark Usage Guidelines provided herein, which K7 may modify from time to time at its sole discretion without providing any prior intimation to its Users. Provided however that, the Users are required to be aware of any and all modifications/ updates made to the Trademark Usage Guidelines.
    2. Your use or display of a K7 Trademark must alwaysinclude appropriate acknowledgement of the K7's ownership of K7 Trademark.
    3. Manner in which K7 Trademarks are to be used:
      1. Proper usage of K7 Trademarks is important for Our continued protection. Proper usage aids customers who depend upon K7's goods and services and helps prevent K7 Trademarks from losing their distinctiveness and becoming generic.
      2. Set K7 Trademarks Apart From Surrounding Text:
        When a K7 Trademark is used in a non-stylized form, such as in the body text of an advertisement, it should be set apart and distinguished from the other words in the text. In order to do this, the K7 Trademark may be rendered in boldface type, italics, capital letters, underscored, or set in quotation marks.
      3. Use K7 Trademarks As Adjectives. Trademarks are adjectives and should be followed by the generic term they modify, such as "software" or "product". Never use a trademark as a noun, a verb, or in the possessive form.
      4. Do Not Abbreviate, hyphenate Or Alter The Spelling Of K7 Trademarks. You should not vary the appearance of K7 Trademarks by abbreviating them, incorporating them into acronyms, changing their spelling, or using improper capitalization. The K7 Trademark list provides the proper spelling and capitalization for each of K7s' Trademark.
      5. Use the proper trademark symbol:
        1. In written materials, the appropriate symbol must be used with the first or most prominent appearance of the K7 Trademark in (i)headlines and (ii) the first time the K7 Trademark appears in body text. This appropriate symbol also should be used on each subsequent page if (i) the topic is different or (ii) if the pages can be separated and distributed independently.
        2. Properly footnote and acknowledge trademark ownership, preferably identifying K7 Trademarks are owned by K7 or its affiliates on every document wherein the K7 Trademark is used in the manner as set out below:
        3. The list of K7 Trademarks that require an acknowledgement have been enlisted on the Name List.
      6. Prohibition of using K7 as a trade name: K7 Computing® functions not only as a trademark mark and service mark identifying goods and services offered by K7, but also as a trade name or company name referring to K7 Computing Private Limited. Trade names are nouns and, therefore, should not be followed by a generic descriptor and may be used in the possessive form. When used as a trade name, "K7" should not be followed by a trademark symbol. Within documents, the first reference to the trade or company name should be "K7 Computing®" "K7" can be used for subsequent references.
  4. Unauthorized use of K7's Trademarks:
    1. You are specifically prohibited from:
      1. Including a K7 Trademark into the name(s) of Your products, services, domain names, trademarks, logos, or company.
      2. Adopting K7 Trademarks for Your products, services, domain names, trademarks, logos, or company names that are confusingly similar to a K7 Trademark.
      3. Making any use of any K7 Trademark in connection with Your goods or services that improperly suggests that K7 is the source of or otherwise approves of or is connected with Your goods or services, when no such express source, approval, or connection exists.
      4. Making unlicensed use of any K7 Trademark
    2. You may contact Your K7 marketing or sales representative for reporting any unauthorized use of the K7 Trademarks and for seeking information on business programs that allow licensed use of certain K7 Trademarks.
  5. Trademark Symbols
    1. Following are guidelines for the use of trademark symbols for K7 Trademarks:
      1. Properly designate (with ®, ™ or SM) in the appropriate location of the name as shown on the Names List.
      2. For graphic images appearing in charts, graphs, graphics, word processing, etc., K7 trademarks should be designated with the proper symbol.
  6. K7 Computing Code Names

    K7 uses internal code names to identify projects related to specific products or services that are in development and may or may not be publicly released. These code names are only for tracking purposes to aid in identifying a specific project, and are not indicative of that project's feature set, release time table, eventual brand name, or a promise or warranty that the project will be publicly released at all. If and when a code-named project is publicly released, it will receive and be promoted under a commercial brand name and all references to that product or service by the K7 Computing Code Name should cease entirely. Use of the correct commercial product names in advertising and marketing materials is essential to accurate and effective marketing communications, and to avoid potential legal claims based on the use of a K7 Computing Code Name.

  7. Third-Party Use of K7 Computing Code Names

    Customers, licensees, and other third parties are not authorized by K7 to use K7 Computing Code Names in advertising, promotion, or marketing of any product or service. The use of any K7 Computing Code Name in advertising will automatically disqualify the advertisement from qualification for reimbursement under any K7 cooperative marketing program, and could result in termination from K7 marketing programs.

  8. Third-Party Reference to K7 Computing Code Names (at user's sole risk)

    Notwithstanding the above, K7 will not object to a limited pre-release use of K7 Computing Code Names by customers and licensees in reference to upcoming K7 products. Any such use is at the sole risk of the User.

  9. No Liability, Warranty, or Indemnification for use of K7 Computing Code Names

    K7 does not represent or warrant that any K7 Computing Code Name is non-infringing or available for use in commerce, and expressly disclaims any such representations or warranties. Use by customers, licensees, or other third parties of K7 Computing Code Names may provoke legal challenges from others claiming rights in such names, and may result in legal liability. K7 accepts no responsibility or liability arising from or related to such third-party use (in any way) of K7 Computing Code Names. K7 will not, under any circumstances, indemnify, defend, or hold harmless any customer, licensee, or other third party for the use of a K7 Computing Code Name. Third-party use of K7 Computing Code Names is at the user's sole risk.

  10. General

    The terms of K7 End User License Agreement as available at End User License Agreement shall mutatis mutandis apply to this Trademark Usage Guidelines.

  11. Contact Information

    For any further information, complaints or grievances, please contact:

    K7 Computing Private Limited
    2nd Floor, Tek Towers,
    No-11, Rajiv Gandhi Salai (OMR),
    Chennai - 600097,
    Tamil Nadu, India.

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